The Pro Choice Safety Network Fund is the brainchild of Santa Fe NOW. At a time when access to abortion services has been increasingly under attack across the country, the chapter recognized the growing need to offer financial assistance to low income women to travel to Albuquerque for safe, legal medical abortion services.  Since the fund was founded, the chapter has raised over $15k that has paid for non-medical expenses such as travel, lodging, meals and child care. In 2016, the fund helped over 90 women to come to Albuquerque from 27 states plus Mexico and Canada. This funds assists women of all races and age groups.

The state of New Mexico, through the vigorous lobbying efforts of a coalition of Pro Choice groups, including Santa Fe NOW, is a champion for women and has some of the least restrictive abortion regulations. We are proud that New Mexico is a progressive safe haven for Choice. The fund is administered by the Albuquerque chapter of The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Working to Ensure That All Women in New Mexico Have Access to Legal, Safe Abortion Care

A Special Partnership of the Santa Fe chapter of NOW and the New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

  • Imagine an unplanned pregnancy: what would you do? If you live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, you can call your local clinic for an appointment, take your insurance card or credit card for payment, and perhaps arrange for a couple of days off work.
  • But what if you live in Hobbs, Silver City or Farmington?  How will you pay for gasoline or a bus ticket and a hotel room?  Who will watch your children?  What will you say to your boss when (s)he asks why you can’t see your doctor in town?
  • What if you are a minor?  The health insurance company sends the benefit statements to your parents.  You are too young and don’t have a credit card to make a hotel reservation or buy a bus ticket.
  • What if you are an immigrant, recently married to an American citizen but still not eligible for Medicaid?  Your husband can’t take any time off of work and you only have one working vehicle. 

Many women in New Mexico are fortunate when it comes to accessing abortion care; we have very few laws restricting abortion and are one of only 17 states that pays for abortion care under Medicaid.  But we are also one of the poorest states, and until healthcare reform is fully operational, we still have one of the highest rates of uninsured and under-insured women. 

For these women there is only the promise of a volunteer on the other end of the phone that a bus ticket will be waiting, or a hotel reservation is paid for, or a gift card will be provided for meals and pain medication. 

You can help us keep that promise by donating to the Santa Fe NOW Pro-Choice Safety Network Fund. This fund is a special partnership of the Santa Fe NOW chapter and the NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice who have come together to ensure that ALL New Mexico women can access their right to abortion care. 

The Pro-Choice Safety Network Fund works with abortion providers in New Mexico, making funds available for meals, bus tickets, overnight stays and other non-medical needs, and is also creating a support network for women undergoing abortions in New Mexico.