NARAL PRO-CHOICE NEW MEXICO  Overview of lawmakers and laws in New Mexico affecting abortion rights.

NEW MEXICO RELIGIOUS COALITION FOR REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE  Supports reproductive justice for every person. 505-890-1010 |

RESPECT NEW MEXICO WOMEN Respect NM Women works to keep the deeply personal decision whether to have an abortion between a woman, her family, and her healthcare provider, and is the home for all things reproductive health, rights, and justice related in New Mexico.

UNITE WOMEN  Equality for All, organizing against the war on women.

EMERGE NEW MEXICO  Assists women get the training and support they need to run for public office—and win.  505-699-0798 |

Abortion Providers / Support

PLANNED PARENTHOOD SURGICAL CENTER — ALBUQUERQUE Provides abortion education, medical abortion, surgical abortion, pre- and post- follow up.  701 San Mateo NE, Albuquerque | 505-265-9511

PRO-CHOICE SAFETY NETWORK FUND Provides funds for meals, transportation, overnight stays, and other non-medical needs for a women choosing abortion in New Mexico.  505-890-1010 |

SOUTHWEST WOMEN'S OPTIONS — DR. CURTIS BOYD   Abortion services, all trimesters. 522 Lomas Boulevard, Albuquerque | 505-242-7512 or 800-777-7630 |

UNM CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH  Abortion services and other reproductive care. 1701 Moon Medical Plaza NE, Albuquerque | 505-925-4455


EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION HOTLINEConfidential information on nearby medical providers and pharmacists who are licensed to provide emergency contraception.  888-668-2528

PLANNED PARENTHOOD — SANTA FE  Birth control, pregnancy planning, emergency contraception, education on abortion, STDs and safe sex, free condoms.  730 St Michaels, Santa Fe | 505-982-3684


PLANNED PARENTHOOD  gynecology and reproductive health check-up.  730 St Michaels, Santa Fe | 505-982-3684

WOMEN'S HEALTH ADVISORY COUNCIL  Mission to improve overall health/well-being of women and girls.  Women’s Health Policy Advisor – Giovanna Rossi at | 505-827-0548

WOMEN'S HEALTH SERVICES FAMILY CARE AND COUNSELING CENTER  Western medicine with nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and Eastern approaches. Services include integrated behavioral health counseling, life coaching, menopausal therapies, bone density testing and acupuncture.  901 W. Alameda St., Suite 25, (in Solana Center) | 505-988-8869

SAINT FRANCIS MIDWIFERYLicensed, experienced midwives providing perinatal care including natural birth, home birth and birthing classes.   61 Double Arrow Road, Suite A, Santa Fe | 505-982-4904


FITNESS PLUS   Women-only gym including fitness center, movement studio, Oriental medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathic healthcare.  1119 Calle del Cielo, Santa Fe | 505-473-7315

TONE SPA & FITNESS FOR WOMEN   Woman-owned and women-only gym includes fitness center and sauna.  901 W San Mateo Rd, Suite A, Santa Fe | 505 989-8552

Domestic Violence

ESPERANZA SHELTER  Provides crisis counseling, emergency shelter, court advocacy, life skills education.  24 Hour Crisis Hotline 800-473-5220

SOLACE CRISIS TREATMENT CENTER  24 hour crisis advocacy hotline, victim advocacy, trauma counseling.  6601 Valentine Way, Santa Fe | 505-988-1951 |

Sexual Abuse/Assault Trauma

SOLACE CRISIS TREATMENT CENTER  Crisis hotline and other programs for survivors of assault, abuse and trauma.   6601 Valentine Way, Santa Fe | 505-988-1951 |


IMPACT PERSONAL SAFETY  Provides courses on self-defense for women and girls.  Contact Form  | 505-992-8833


GIRLS INC.  Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. 301 Hillside Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501 | 505-982-2042

NEW MEXICO TEEN PREGNANCY COALITION  Education, resources, support, contraception.  Resource Directory.  540 Chama NE, Suite 11, Albuquerque| 505-254-8737 |

YOUNG WOMEN UNITED by and for women of color to build strong communities.  120 Morningside Drive NE, Albuquerque| 505-831-8930|

YOUTH SHELTERS STREET OUTREACH PROGRAM  For under 21 who are living on the street and need assistance.  505-988-2652

CHOICES by Kate Buckley Based on a true story. This may be the only young adult novel out there where a girl gets pregnant and has an abortion using RU-486. Written by Santa Fe NOW member, Kate Buckley. See Kate's web-site for awards and reviews and her continuing work with teens.