Santa Fe NOW’s 4 Scholarship Winners!


left to right Sabrina Hoke, Amber Quintana, Sarah Barba, Emily Pepin

These are the young professional woman chosen for the trip to Washington D.C. and NOW 50th Anniversary Conference! These young women work with other women in their professions. They are strong supporters of women's reproductive rights and health care. We are so happy to have received this funding from Planned Parenthood to provide them with this wonderful opportunity. These young women were enthusiastic and very involved during the conference. Each of them attended a variety of workshops and plenaries. Please come to our next meeting to discuss their experiences in D.C. and at the NOW 50th Anniversary.

July 30th next Santa Fe/New Mexico NOW Meeting


our next meeting is

July 30th,

on a Saturday

from 2 to 4

at our usual place,

Del Charro's Kiva Room.

This meeting is in combination with New Mexcio NOW's meeting. We hope you will come and meet our New Mexico Board members and members. Please bring cash to pay for your food and drinks. We will follow this meeting with a social hour (4-5) for: 

Santa Fe Reproductive Health and Social Justice Meetup

One drink ($7.00 max./person) and chips and salsa will be provided.



SANTA FE NOW SUPPORTS CHOICE¬†— Application for Scholarship

Application for Scholarship
The National Organization of Women (NOW) has been a active supporter of women’s abortion rights for 50 years. To introduce the organization to women between the ages of 18 and 30 who are working in the social service agency in Santa Fe, the local Santa Fe chapter of NOW will award up to four scholarships to attend NOW’s 50th Anniversary Conference in Washington D.C.
Each recipient will receive:
3 nights hotel room at the Hyatt (shared with another grantee).
a round-trip flight to Washington D.C. on Thursday, June 23 returning Sunday, June 26. 
Registration fee for the conference.
$200.00 allowance 4 days of food and other needs
a one-year membership to Santa Fe NOW.

IMPORTANT – Recipients will not receive any of the award if they do not attend the NOW conference on Friday and Saturday, June 24-25 2016 in Washington D.C.
Please provide the following information in a separate document. Do not exceed two pages.
Email your response to: Include the words “application for scholarship” in the subject line. For consideration, application must be received no later than May 15, 2016.
• • • • • • • •
Be sure to include:
WEBPAGE (optional)

1. Why do you want to become involved in the work of Santa Fe NOW?
2. How will you support Santa Fe Now after the conference? For example, will you renew your membership? Regularly attend meetings? Volunteer to table at one event per year? Other ideas?
3. What activities in additional to your NOW involvement will you undertake to support the right to choose an abortion? For example, how will you use social media to spread the message? How will you promote the right to an abortion with your peers? Other ideas?
4. If you have had an abortion, tell us how the anti-abortion movement impacted your decision. If you have not had an abortion, tell us why this issue is important to you.


Roe v Wade 43rd Anniversary Celebration, Tuesday, January 26, 2 to 4 P.M. in the Rotunda.



Invites You To Celebrate 44 Years of Safe and Legal Abortion


February 7, 2017


An Event to Honor Roe v. Wade


Where: The Rotunda at the Roundhouse (411 State Capitol, Santa Fe, NM 87501)

When: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Time: 9:30 to 11:00 A.M.

44 years ago, abortion became legal in the United States. Since then, hundreds of restrictions on the safe procedure have been proposed and enacted across the country, making it impossible for women and families to access this constitutional right. Join us to keep this personal decision between a woman and her doctor, without government interference this legislative session.

Now more than ever we need to protect reproductive rights. In the face of the violent attacks and false allegations against Planned Parenthood and other clinics, we need to stand up against hateful rhetoric and extreme tactics that escalate violence against our clinics.

Please join us as we celebrate Roe v. Wade and continue to protect access to reproductive health services for women in New Mexico. You will:

  • Meet with community leaders

  • Hear a program of great speakers

  • Learn what you can do this legislative session and beyond

  • Eat cake!


Celebrate Roe v. Wade. Keep abortion safe and legal in New Mexico.

Ballots are in with the new officers

20151114_121645 20151114_121836 20151114_121950In order of photos:

1) the outgoing officers from left to right are: Janet Gotkin (Santa Fe NOW Treasurer), Rebecca Langford (Santa Fe NOW Vice-President), Dana Middelton (Santa Fe NOW President), Patricia Pederson (Santa Fe NOW shared Secretary), and Carla Josephson (NM NOW President). Not present is Janiece Jonsin (Santa Fe NOW shared Secretary). Not present Janiece Jonsin (Secretary)

2) Incoming NM NOW Officers: Jessica Davis (Treasurer), Sharon Hart (President), Janet Gotkin (at-large), Joan Krohn (Vice-President), Carla Josephson (at-large), Dixie Trebbe (at-large). Not present is Deborah Blanche (Secretary).

3) Incoming Santa Fe NOW officers: Rebecca Langford (President), Janet Marshall (Secretary & Treasurer), Suzan Sattell (Vice-President), Susan Kreiner (Treasurer – resigned).

Elections for all officers Santa Fe and NM NOW

Elections for NM and Santa Fe NOW President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and At Large Officers

When: Saturday November 14th at 10 A.M.

Where: Solace, 6601 Valentine Way, Santa Fe, NM 87507

You may vote through email

Call Becky Langford for information 505-660-2696

New Mexico NOW

President            Sharon Hart

Vice President   Joan Krohn

Secretary             Deborah Blanche

Treasurer            Jessica Davis

At Large               Dixie Trebbe

At Large               Carla Josephson

At Large               Janet Gotkin

Santa Fe NOW

President            Becky Langford

Vice-President  Suzi Sattell

Secretary             Janet Marshall

Treasurer            Susan Kreiner

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