Women are NOT an Interest Group

One thought on “Women are NOT an Interest Group

  1. Whoa! 34 years ago I, too, got knocked up. I wasn’t 15, but at 24 I was dierocvd and a single parent of a three year old. To top it off, I was told the abortion was medically necessitated and that my only other choice was to wait until I miscarried, when they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to control the bleeding. The chances of keeping the child were zero.Now, in the bad old days before Roe v Wade, I would have had to have my case reviewed by a hospital board, which could have taken up to six weeks. Six weeks we weren’t sure I had. Thank God, abortion was legal and I could get it done quickly and safely.I haven’t regretted it, either. When I was told what my options were, my first thought was that I had to keep myself alive for my son. There are a lot more reasons for abortion than the ones the Right-to-Lifers condemn. Choices keep us safe. While I agree not getting pregnant in the first place is better, I’m glad we have this as a fallback.

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